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The Annual CCF Referee Awards celebrate the dedicated efforts and exceptional accomplishments of our referees, both on and off the field, spanning from Junior levels to the Premier League.

On the evening of Monday, September 11th, CCF hosted the Annual Referee Awards Night, a special occasion dedicated to acknowledging the invaluable contributions our referees make to the sport. The Referee of the Year recipients are honoured for their unwavering commitment to the game, their remarkable personal achievements, their role-model status for fellow referees and players, and their recognised excellence, as endorsed by their peers and CCF.

First Year Referee of the Year

Liam Davies

Most Improved Male Referee

Michael Tohme

Most Improved Female Referee

Lillian Hayes

Junior Referee of the Year

Alex Robinson

Assistant Referee of the Year

Tiffany Sutton

Referee of the Year

Anthony Kabbout

Most Games

Chris Pearce (116)

Afeez Alabi (96)

Nick Commins (91)

Steve Wrightson (91)

Greame Gurr (83)

Service Awards (20 Years)

Jeff Smith & Steve Miklecic

The Wayne Young Award

Con Pantos

CCF extends heartfelt congratulations to the following referees for their remarkable achievements during the 2023 season.