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Central Coast Football has over 14,000 registered players, participating in 600 matches each weekend across more than 36 venues. The logistics of running such a competition is extremely complex for our administrators & over 2000 club volunteers and has been made increasingly difficult due to the wet weather experienced over the first half of the season.

With over 1300mm of rain falling in Gosford so far in season 2022, this truly is an unprecedented weather event, and the Bureau of Meteorology are predicting June, July, and August to continue being much wetter than average.

The vast majority of CCF’s games are played on council fields which have all been hit by the severe weather & are subsequently waterlogged with little chance to recover. Council staff are prioritising the maintenance of our playing surfaces to the best of their ability, however without dry weather their capacity to repair the fields is limited.

Unfortunately, this weather is out of the control of CCF & our member clubs and has impacted our ability to fulfill all 11,300 originally scheduled fixtures for the season.

To ensure we create opportunity for as many football games to be played as possible, whilst maintaining competition integrity, CCF has introduced a number of measures for the remainder of the 2022 season:

  • Changing the way in which ladder position is calculated to an AVERAGE POINTS method
  • *Shortening the 2022 finals series to allow for extra rounds to be caught up*
  • Cancelling any future washed out fixtures for most Saturday & Sunday competition grades

Full details are available in the CCF Washout & Game Cancellation Policy Document

Central Coast Football remain committed to working with Clubs, Council & our Participants to ensure as many games are played as possible throughout the 2022 season in a safe and enjoyable environment.

For advice and support please contact your local club committee, or email

* Finals Format subject to change depending on the weather, a full Finals Format will be released closer to the date*


How do I know if my game is on or off?

When checking the draw on MyCompApp for the remainder of the season please note the status of your game: 

  • PUBLISHED: Means the game is going ahead as per the date, time and field details that appear.
  • CANCELLED: means the field is closed, the game is washed out and cancelled completely. No result will apply.
  • POSTPONED: means the field is closed, the game is washed out, and will be rescheduled to a later date. This applies to BPL, WPL and DIV1 only.

What steps are CCF taking to ensure that games get played?

We have already taken a number of proactive measures to reschedule and replay as many games as possible, such as:

  • Using 2 x Full washout weekends in August to reschedule Rounds 1 and 2 of the season
  • Extended the season by a week to allow for a full round of games on 27/28th August
  • Worked collaboratively with Council to secure 2 extra weeks of field usage for Finals games
  • Scheduled 150+ double header games on the June long weekend & throughout the season
  • Scheduled 180+ midweek catch up games at Pluim Park & local venues
  • Proactively moved fixtures week-to-week to allow the best chance of football being played

Why doesn’t CCF look at alternate options?

We appreciate everyone wants to get on the field as often as possible, and there are some regular suggestions put forward to help reschedule games. Most of these options have already been explored by CCF & all come with their own challenges.

  • Play Double Headers: Our Saturday teams are already playing a number of double header fixtures; however, our full schedule doesn’t allow for many games to double up. If we were to make up 1 full Saturday schedule (approx. 400 games), it would take us more than 12 weeks to play these across multiple Sundays.

  • Play Midweek Games under lights: CCF has already scheduled over 140 fixtures to be played midweek at Pluim Park – these games extend into August.Our club grounds have also been utilised to a lesser extent; however, many remain waterlogged and unavailable for night fixtures.   

  • Extend the Season: CCF has already extended the draw by 1 full round and also worked with Central Coast Council to secure a further 2 weeks which will be used for the 2022 finals series. Council requires a changeover period for our summer sports counterparts to enable field setup for the summer months, limiting our ability to push back any further.

When will my Ladders get updated?

MyCompApp will be updated with AVERAGE POINTS competition ladders over the coming weeks. No action is required, these will be updated automatically.