To all our players and participants,

After discussions with Central Coast Council we have confirmed we will get access to the grounds on the Central Coast until the end of October. While we understand there is still some uncertainty, this does give us a lot more flexibility in programming our season. Summer sports will then be pushed back until after the winter sports finish.

We conducted a survey over the past week in which we received 3,000 odd player responses.  From this we are aware approximately 15% of our players asked for the season to be cancelled and to seek refunds and the remainder wanted to wait and see if we could get to play some football.

On this basis, we are offering all registered players of Central Coast Football the option to decide based on their own personal circumstances.

The Options available are as follows:

Option 1 – Remain registered with your club and we will honour the value of your registration if the season is cancelled or shortened to less than 14 games. If we are unable to start football or the season is shortened to less than 14 games we will proportionally credit that amount as a dollar value to either next year’s registration or refund it to your bank account at the end of this season. (The choice of a refund at the end of the season or as a credit will be the player’s).

Option 2 – De-register and receive a full refund. This option will be available between 9 April and 24 April ONLY and you will have the opportunity to de-register and receive a refund of the amount paid to your club. You will NOT be able to re-register for the 2020 Winter competition should it start.

Either way, the value of your registration is protected.

De-registration closes before 5pm on Friday 24th April (NO Exceptions).


Terms and Conditions of De-registration

  1. If a player (or parent of a player in the case of a minor) decides to de-register as a player in the 2020 Central Coast Football winter competition between April 10, 2020 and April 24, 2020 they will receive a full refund of any registrations fees paid by the player (or parent of the player) to their club for the 2020 winter season.
  2. CCF will pay valid and verified claims for refund on or before May 1st.
  3. The player (or parent) acknowledges that once the refund is received, they have no further claim on either Central Coast Football or its Member’s clubs and that they are not eligible to claim against any insurance policy provided by Central Coast Football or Football NSW.
  4. Central Coast Football will only be able to pay the entire claim on receipt of the excess funds currently held by the players club. Should the club fail to pay Central Coast Football, then Central Coast Football will only be able to pay the player the portion held by Central Coast Football for the registered player.
  5. The refund amount will be for registrations fees only and will not be for any other items including, but not limited to, equipment, academies or additional coaching.
  6. Players and parents acknowledge that by de-registering they will only be refunded any amount they have personally paid. They acknowledge that by de-registering, they forfeit any voucher redeemed as part of the registration Active Kids Voucher (if claimed as part of this registration) subject to the terms and conditions of the Active Kids Voucher program.
  7. To de-register and claim the refund, the player (or parent) must complete and submit the required online form by 5pm on Friday April 24, 2020. No de-registrations or refund claims will be accepted after 5pm on April 24, 2020.
  8. Players who are De-registered under this provision will NOT be eligible to re-register for the 2020 Winter competition.
  9. Players who choose not to de-register will have the value of their registration fees protected by CCF until the end of the 2020 season.
  10. Should the number of scheduled games for the 2020 winter season be reduced to less than 14 games, then the player will be credited with an amount equivalent to the amount of games that are not able to be scheduled. e. if only 11 games are scheduled then the player would lose 3 games worth of value so would be provided with a credit of 3/14 of the amount they paid towards their registration fee.
  11. Should CCF not be able to schedule any games for the 2020 winter season, then 100% of the registration fee paid by the player (less the value of the Active Kids Voucher) would be credited to the player.
  12. If a player is credited with any registration fee at the end of the season they can choose to seek a payment to the bank account to the value of the credit by completing the form at the end of the season, or, they can choose to have it credited to their 2021 season registration.