Wednesday 4th October, 2017

CCF Statement Regarding Men’s Division 1 Grand Final – Umina United SC vs Woongarrah Wildcats FC


Central Coast Football received a protest from Woongarrah FC in relation to the Men’s Division One – First Grade Grand final played at Pluim Park, Lisarow on Sunday 17th September, 2017 (5pm Kick off).

Specifically the protest was related to an error in the application of law regarding kicks from the penalty mark to determine the winner of the match (Law 10).

In accordance with the Central Coast Football Competitions Rules and Regulations a Protest must be received within 24 hours of the Match. The protest was received from Woongarrah FC on Monday 18th September at 4:57pm via email. Prior to sending the protest Woongarrah FC sought advice from CCF regarding the process involved.

Following receipt of the protest CCF asked the Referee for a report on the specific incident in question. As per the regulations, CCF determined that an error in law had occurred during the Kicks from the Penalty mark and had no such error occurred then Woongarrah would have won the match. On this basis CCF made the determination that the result of the match would be that Woongarrah FC are determined the winner, 4-3 on Penalty Kicks.

Both clubs were advised in writing on Wednesday 20th September and Umina United exercised their right of appeal and the completed appeals documentation was received by CCF on Friday 22nd September at 3:45pm.

On Monday 25th September CCF sought advice from Football NSW to source an independent Appeals Chairperson to review to appeal.  CCF appointed Barrister Dominic Villa.

Mr. Villa reviewed the case and determined that the appeal be dismissed, providing a 7 page report outlining the reasons for dismissal of the Appeal.

Both clubs were advised of the outcome and of their further right of appeal to the Board of Directors of CCF on Wednesday 27th September. Each club had Seven days to lodge a further appeal.  As the 7 days has now passed with no subsequent appeal having been received, the CCF protest determination will stand and Woongarrah FC will be recorded as Men’s Division 1 First Grade Premiers for 2017.